We Share Your Passion for Cycling

Loyal Ma, the owner of Rocky Mtn Bike N’ Board, started the company over 10 years ago out of his love for cycling. With over 20 years of experience as a bike mechanic and avid rider, Loyal developed a great appreciation for cycling and bike care. He enjoys helping other cyclists, skateboarders and snowboarders reach their goals, and loves building lifetime connections with the people he meets. He goes out of his way to create a great experience for each customer. He has even personally delivered bikes as far away as Red Deer.

As a company, Rocky Mtn Bike N’ Board supports the local cycling community. We sponsor and lead a cycling team, timing team, and race management team. Many of the Rocky Mtn Bike N’ Board teams have gone on to achieve great success.

Why Buy a Top of the Line Bike?

There are some big differences between a standard production bike and a bike that is manually crafted and custom built.

High-End Bikes: Designed with a Purpose

A production bike is assembled without focus. It is mass produced and designed to capture the largest market of bike riders. When a bike is designed for the largest market, it does not take into consideration that different styles of riding cause different stresses on the bike. It also doesn’t factor in that each rider is unique--one rider’s needs do not match the next.

This is where the higher quality bike shines. A custom crafted bike is designed to handle the specific task that it is meant for, whether it’s taking a mountain bike downhill or pulling a manual on the pegs of your BMX.

With Our Mountain and BMX Bikes, Quality Comes First

A standard production bike will focus on cost ceilings during construction, so quality takes a back seat. With a custom bike, quality and performance come first. High-end bikes are made from lighter materials, which give you a more efficient ride. Their frame joints are built stronger and they are constructed to better absorb shock.

A Top-Notch Bike Will Keep You Riding for Years

With a focus on the smallest of details and a construction of the highest quality parts, a top-tier bike can last years longer than what you would find at your local “super” store.

When you come in to Rocky Mtn Bike N’ Board, there is nothing standard about our bikes and equipment.

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